Thursday, April 14, 2016

First John Chapter One


Observation: What does the passage say?

v. 1
v. 2
v. 3
v. 4
v. 5
v. 6
v. 7
v. 8
v. 9

Record observations and write questions that come to mind from each verse.

 Observation Questions:

1.     From these verses, how can you surmise that John wrote this letter?


2.     What point is John trying to make in vs. 1?


3.     When John is saying “we,” who is he talking about?

4.     In this passage, what are some different names and/or terms used to describe Jesus?

5.     What are the two purposes John states for writing this letter?

6.     Does John perceive the recipients to be Christians? Explain.

7.     How would the recipients have fellowship with John?

8.     From 1:7, what are the results of walking in the light?

9.     What are the three errors of thought that John addresses in this passage (vs. 6, 8, and 10)?

10.  What attributes of God are revealed in this passage?

11.  From verse 5, what is the message, who does it come from, and who is it for?

12.  In 1:7 what roles does Christ play in our lives?

13.  In verse 9, how does John say we should act towards our sin?


Interpretation: What does the passage mean?

1.     John starts off by connecting Jesus’ eternality and his humanity. Why would he find this important enough that he would start the letter this way?

2.     Why did John use so many different ways to name or describe Jesus? Explain the significance of each term or name.

3.     The word order of the first 3 verses seems odd. Why did John write them that way?

4.     Just from these first few verses, why is John writing to them?

5.     What does John mean by “darkness” and “light”?

6.     What are some of the claims of the false teachers John is trying to address here?

7.     If God knows all things (omniscient) and if God’s blood has cleansed us from sin, why do we need to confess our sin?

8.     What is it that will make John’s joy complete?

Application: How does this passage apply to me?

1.     How have you experienced God with your senses lately? How?

2.     In what ways have you, like John, “seen,” “heard,” and “touched,” Jesus?

3.     Has God brought light to your life? Or do you more often feel like you’re in the dark?

4.     How do you feel about the consistency of your own life? (1:6; 8) Are you living the truth or a lie?

5.     When you’ve sinned, how long do you usually wait before you confess?

6.     How has knowing Jesus Christ as your Savior changed the way you have fellowship with other people?

7.     Do you believe you have real fellowship with other Christians?  How so or why not?

8.     How does this passage encourage you in your walk with Christ?

9.     What warnings does this passage give to you in your life in Christ?

10.  What areas of your life are you still walking in the darkness (v. 8)?

11.  What areas of your life are you walking in the light?

12.  What truths from this passage can you be more diligent in practicing?

13.  What does this passage teach you about humanity?

14.  What does this passage teach you about God?

15.  What are some tangible ways you can apply this passage to your life this coming week?


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